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Leuren Moret
Hiroshima Night

The planet's best-informed person about the perils of depleted uranium--Leuren Moret--spoke Hiroshima Night, Monday, August 6, 2007 at Bolinas Community Center. Find out who's supporting and promoting this policy, why and how this is happening and what we need to do about it. A fast-paced, information-packed evening with questions and answers.

2 Compact Disk.    #D86-07    $24.99   

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The Famous "K" Talk

(Aspen, 8/11/74) You wouldn't believe it unless you heard it. An audience recording makes the listening require more attention but its worth it.

1 Compact Disk.    #D311-74.    $15.99   

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The Potential Human: Faustin Interviews Colin at his home in Cornwall

Most recent, most rowdy, most necessary.

1 Compact Disk.    #D16-99.    $15.99   

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High Lights from TRUE HALLUCINATIONS: The Underground Classic Talking Book

A must for the Terence crowd. Hear the coming attractions for the whole TRUE HALLUCINATIONS journey up the Amazon, over the roof tops of Katmandu--truly a virtual reality experience.

1 Compact Disk.    #D22-2000.    $15.99   

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True Hallucinations

A complete "talking book"- an audio illuminated manuscript. The voice that launched a thousand trips...with outrageous, incredible effects! Authentic sounds from the Far South and East! Eclectic music! 9 1/2 hours of listening insanity! For UFO enthusiasts! Where the mushroom recipe came from; an adventure that will give your mind itchy feet!

9 Compact Disks.    #D23-2000.    $99.99   

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DIANA ALSTAD The Guru Papers: The Mechanics of Control,
Cults and Hidden Authority

Diana Alstad interviewed by Faustin.
Some revolutionary ideas are presented in this recording. Diana Alstad is articulate, ready, willing and able to explain and defend hers and Joel Kramer's thesis as presented in their groundbreaking book, The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power.

(1) CD D1044-93 $15.99   

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Victorian Tales of Cannabis

A fully orchestrated production conceived by Faustin and Brian of Sound Photosynthesis of stories by Bayard Taylor, Louisa May Alcott and other Victorian period writers audio animated that will surprise and delight you. Terence reads the male voice and Kat reads the female story line and they are accompanied by an audio illuminated full cast of characters. Artfully album contained.

2 Compact Disks.    #D24-2000.    $29.99   

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On Finnegans Wake and Joseph Campbell

Robert is a zealous Finnegans Wakeian. Faustin interviews, Brian records.

2 Compact Disks.    #D69-88.    $24.99   

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A Hunting Ritual of Bayaka Pygmies

The ritual piece is recorded in a complete context rather than anthologized. Spirits metamorphosis into animals, while running across the encampment between 11 pm and 4 am. The phosphorescent beings come out of the forest to provoke the villagers to celebration. Celebration is an essential part of the Bayaka lifestyle. Once the festival is initiated they can go on for many months; the longest festival known among the Bayaka lasted for two years. They are a hemp using culture.

1 Compact Disk.    #D28-92.    $15.99   

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Superspace, Space, and States

1 Compact Disk.    #D29-2001.    $16.99   

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Johanina Wikoff, Ph.D.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Kama Sutra: Faustin interviews Johanina Wikoff, Ph.D.

Johanina Wikoff, Ph.D, is a respected therapist, author and lecturer, best known for her pioneering work in body-mind transformation and sacred sexuality. The book has enlightening interpretations of the world's best-known love manual, sensual suggestions to enhance your erotic experiences, and expert guidance on pleasing yourself and your partner. TRT: 69 minutes

1 Compact Disk.    #D30-2001.    $15.00  

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What Book? and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism

TRT: 65 minutes. A conversation between Gary Gach and Faustin. Entertaining, informational gracious, and spacious. Gary reads from his books and has a very soothing voice...perhaps from all the years of meditating with an open mind.

1 Compact Disk.    #D128-2002.    $13.99

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Something Weird is Happening

TRT: Eldon Byrd, the electronic and medical engineer who wrote the original human experimentation protocols for the Navy in 1981, discusses ELF weapons, mind control, domes of light, dolphins, experiments and ethics.

1 Compact Disk.    #D270-2002.    $15.99

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Robert Anton Wilson:
RAW on Writing and Thinking

Robert, relaxed, shares amusing views on topics he has written about with a San Francisco audience.

2 Compact Disks.    #D38-2001.    $29.95   

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Tiny Machines - The Feynman Lecture on Nanotechnology

Richard Feynman originated the idea of nanotechnology, or molecular machines, in the early 1960s. Here he explains the idea to a general audience, and illustrates it using slides and diagrams. The talk is amusing, entertaining, informative and a classic in the history of technology. One of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century, this man located the problem with the Space Shuttle Challenger during the hearings. On this tape he talks about the tiniest tools and the fascinating way they work. Tom Van Sant's eye art piece is discussed and pictured in the video. TRT 80 min.

1 Compact Disc.    #D34-84.    $15.99   

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Computers From The Inside Out

The audio is understandable to anyone who can visualize Richard's descriptions. The way the Nobel Prize winner expresses the story makes a person want to understand. The Video shows him pointng to what he is describing. TRT 1 hr. 17 mins.

1 Compact Disk.    #D35-85.    $15.99   

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"Not in My Name"Face to Face with Faustin Bray

SOS: Alert! Face to Face Interview between Faustin Bray and Vivienne Verdon-Roe presents an urgent plea for the public to respond immediately to the crisis of the 3/4 covering ocean of the planet Earth. Academy Award-winning producer/director. Vivienne Verdon-Roe, urges listeners to join in a grassroots campaign against the U.S. Navy's proposed deployment of Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System Low Frequency Active sonar (or "SURTASS LFA"). This new sonar system to detect quiet enemy submarines would blast one of the loudest man-made sounds throughout 80% of the world's oceans. In violation of federal environmental law, this technology has the potential to deafen and even kill whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.Vivienne Verdon-Roe also descusses the military's broader war-making capacity outlined in the Department of Defense's "Joint Vision 20/20". The report calls for "full-spectrum dominance" as the key to fighting and winning wars in the future through access to and freedom to operate in all domains--space, sea, land, air and information. Do you know what the U.S. Department of Defense is doing in our name? TRT: 45:37

1 Compact Disk.    #D36-2002.    $14.99   

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Live at the Kabuki

1 Compact Disk.    #D41-83.    $14.99   

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The Magical Child's Transcendent Mind

Joseph Chilton Pearce held the attention of the packed audience for two hours of his visit to Waldorf School, San Francisco. His enthusiasm for his material was conveyed more as a transmission then as a lecture. The information that streamed from him during his dance between blackboard and overhead projector was up-to-the minute, angst in time, citing many of the contributors to the Mind@Large Catalog of Sound Photosynthesis: Karl Pribram, Jean Houston, Rupert Sheldrake, Brian Swimme, Jean Liedloff, Robert Monroe, Michael Murphy, to name a few. Pearce's latest book The Biological Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit was minimally mentioned but largely drawn from his first book, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg , is celebrating another printing after remaining in print consistently for the last 30 years. TRT: 120 minutes.

1 DVD #Z577-06 $34.95   
1 Video Cassette #V577-02 $34.95   
2 CDs #D43-02 $29.99   

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Into Tibet: A book report.Face to Face with Faustin

An hour interview with a man who leaves no dead air. Thomas Laird lived in Asia for the last 30 years and he is prepared to tell and write about his extraordinary experiences. His first major book has hit the US in a time of many questions and anxiety with few answers or solutions. At least we get insights from Laird and we too become more prepared to evaluate our future moves. Thomas Laird uses his well compiled history of the first CIA operative's work and subsequent regretful demise to bring together elements of the drive, excitement, intrigue, cultural difference and totally "other perspective" that effected the world between the years 1945-1949. The political climate of today and the suffering of many peoples have understandable roots in the findings of photographer/journalist Laird. See the video, get the book and listen to the other CDs we are going to put out of this man's work. TRT 59 min.

1 Compact Disk.    #D44-02.    $14.99   

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Insights from an Expatriot Coming HomeFace to Face with Faustin

Thomas Laird lived in Asia for the last 30 years and he is prepared to tell and write about his extraordinary experiences. His next book will be co-authored with H.H. Dali Lama, "The History of Tibet." You may or may not agree with every carefully chosen word that this photographer/journalist offers, but you will be interested, perhaps inspired, to learn more and have an effective opinion. See the video, get his book and listen to the other CDs we are going to put out of this man's work. TRT 59 min.

1 Compact Disk.    #D45-02.    $14.99   

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Live & Lively Accompanied by Don Was

The Spirit is willing, the audience is enthusiastic and Allen is in top form. Don Was was and is a great straight man and a worthy accompaniment to the great man.

1 Compact Disk.    #D37-90.    $15.99   

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Eclectic world tropical original songs by the co-founder of Sound Photosynthesis with voice and, successively, guitar, North Indian sarod, viola, drum and bansuri flute. Produced with world famous Oz Fritz. 13 songs TRT: apx72 min

1 Compact Disk.    #D46-2002.    $15.99   

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Shorter, perhaps deeper, post 9/11 continuation of Brian's original, eclectic song collection with voice, and successively, North Indian sarod, guitar and viola. 4 songs TRT: apx 35 min

1 Compact Disk.    #D47-2002.    $12.99   

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The Conscious Universe

Interview with Faustin discussing his book, The Conscious Universe - THE SCIENTIFIC TRUTH OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA

1 CD.    #D9-98.    $15.95

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