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Computers From The Inside Out - The Feynman Lecture on Heuristics

Historically celebrated as one of the most brilliant physicists, teachers, and original thinkers, Professor Feynman is the acknowledged inventor of quantum computing.  In the spirit of Feynman: find out what computers means, find out what heuristics means, find out what idiosyncratic thinking means, find out what the pleasure of finding things out means. Richard Feynman joyfully shares the fun of understanding systems - he calls the workings of the machine we are discussing,  “The guts!”  A professorial/conspiratorial tone carries his entertaining introduction to his attentive non-technical audience, "One of the miseries of life is that everybody names things a little bit wrong, and so it makes everything a little harder to understand in the world than it would be if it were named differently."   The program begins and  Richard Feynman is waiting for you on the playground of your mind.  You will be amazed at how smart you are after immersing yourself in Feynman's world.  These first 2 DVDs, Computers From The Inside Out and Tiny Machines are worth viewing many times, showing them to your family, friends, students and class.  TRT 1 hr. 17 mins.

1 DVD #Z23-2006  $29.95

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Tiny Machines - The Feynman Lecture on Nanotechnology

Richard Feynman originated the idea of nanotechnology, or molecular machines, in the early 1960s. Here he explains the idea to a general audience, and illustrates it using slides and diagrams. The talk is amusing, entertaining, informative and a classic in the history of technology. One of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century, this man located the problem with the Space Shuttle Challenger during the hearings. On this tape he talks about the tiniest tools and the fascinating way they work. Tom Van Sant's eye art piece is discussed and pictured in the video.

1 DVD #Z14-2005   $29.95

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Dreaming Awake at the End of Time

Join Terence McKenna, author, explorer and philosopher for a think-along deconstruction of the deepening worldwide weirdness. With his characteristic hope and humor, McKenna examined time and its mysteries, the nature of language, the techniques of ecstasy, high technology and virtual cyberspace, the role of hallucinogenic plants in shamanism and the evolution of human cultures, and the foundations of post-modern spirituality. The lecture and discussion was didactic, syncretic, challenging, eclectic, eidetic, and irreverent intellectual adventure - "for those who have grown weary of Moldevite suppositories and unicorny flimflam! A very full 2 hours awaits you in audio or video form.

1 DVD #Z598-05  $36.99

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MAPS: Psychedelics in the 1990's - COMPILATION

This is the closest you will ever get there if you weren't there to begin with...if you were, this piece is better than your memories. Historical.

1 DVD.    #Z200i-06   $34.95
1 Video cassette    #V200i-90    $34.95

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The Theory of BioProcess: The Connection to the Work of Arthur Young

Experience Dr Buchele teach us about Arthur Youngs theory of process using many of Frank Barr's original slides and many fun stories and analogies. Frank Barr is in the audience adding comments. Ruth Forbes Young introduces Michael at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness.

1 DVD #Z329-07   $35

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The Bridge Psychedelic Conference 1991 Compilation

The essence of 40 hours of audio/video coverage of the two day event held at Stanford University, 2/2&3/91. Informative, evocative and imperative for anyone interested in the subject. Visually a treat of composites of the videos, slides, festivities and personalities present and future. The video is second best to being there. The audio has a full and continuous flow of information to delight the listener and is an aid as a sampler for choices of the in-depth talks.

1 DVD #Z304-06.    $35.00
1 Video #V304-91    $35.00

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From Here to Alternity Workshop: Whole Earth Expo

Up to date, fresh and pithy at the L.A. Whole Life Expo. John does his cogitape act and gives terse and witty answers. It's sheer delight to hear the snappy repartee between the audience and Dr. John.

1 DVD #Z166-07  $35.95   
1 Video Cassette #V166-89  $35.95   
1 Audio Cassette #A184-89 $10.99   

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Mushrooms as Planetary Healers: From Toxic Waste Sites to Old Growth Forests

A talk about bioremediation, the importance of the fungal genome, especially the old growth forests, the use of fungi in early Europe, and now the re-discovery of these fungi in helping preserve, repair, and balance ecosystems. Recorded live at the 2000 MSSF Fungus Fair.
TRT: 96 minutes.

1 DVD #Z529-06.    $35.00
1 Video cassette #V529-2000   $35.00

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Psilocybin and Amanita Mushrooms: An Innocent Discovers the Infinite

A pioneer of mushroom cultivation presents a visual field guide to the psilocybes and some of the amanitas and their use, ancient and modern, and how they have helped create a new vision for helping the planet. Recorded live at the 2000 MSSF Fungus Fair. TRT:110 minutes

1 DVD #Z528-06 $35.00
1 Video cassette #V528-2000   $35.00

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50th Anniversary of LSD: Psychedelic Summit Compilation

A 2 hour compilation of the ambiance and the pithiest moments of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the discovery of LSD by the Swiss chemist, Dr. Albert Hoffman. The layered effected visuals augment the flow of the verbiage to transfer the experience of being there as much as possible without being there.

1 DVD #Z471i-06  $34.95
1 Video Cassette #V471i-93 $34.95   
2 Audio Cassettes #A1059i-93 $20.00   

Terence McKenna and Ruppert Sheldrake
Forms and Mysteries: Morphogenic fields and psychedelics experiences

With Terences brilliant inspiration, this is Ruppert at his very best. An awesome duo! Have fun with these two masters and learn more about morphogenic fields. TRT: 2 hrs. 3 mins.

1 DVD #Z101-07 $35.99

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An incredible plea for the salvation of a nation and its unique population. His Holiness speaks almost entirely in English without a translator.

1 DVD #Z303-06   $35.00

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TERENCE McKENNA A Calendar for The Goddess
Recorded at Shared Visions. Goddess and moon directed.

1 DVD #Z39-06A   $35.00

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ALI AKBAR KHAN Concert at St. John's in Berkeley, Part I

With Zakir Hussain on tabla. Ragas: Roop Manjari Mallar, Pahari Jhinjoti. Here is a brilliant display of North Indian Classical mastery of magical mind melding and musical ESP. Produced by Sound Photosynthesis. TRT 1:10.

1 DVD #Z52-87 $35.00

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ALI AKBAR KHAN Concert at First Unitarian Church in San Francisco, Part I

With Swapan Chaudhuri on tabla. Ragas: Khambawati, Kanra, Khammoji. Produced by Sound Photosynthesis. TRT:1:07.

1 DVD  #Z34-87 $35.00

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Orthonoia Through Paranoia To Metanoia: Bridge Psychedelic Conference

Recorded at the Bridge Psychedelic Conference at Stanford University. John offers a candid description of his own research and asks that people create a lobby for appropriate drug research.

1 DVD #Z260-06 $35.95   
1 Video Cassette #V260.12-91  $35.95   
1 Audio Cassette #A822-91 $10.99   

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Evolving Times

This evening address in Sacramento is one of Terence's funniest, in which much is said about monkeys, mushrooms, plants and people. The question and answer sessions get good and lively, with Terence's unique analysis of UFOs, governments and possible evolutionary pathways for us and the planet. Digitally recorded.

1 DVD #Z418-06 $35.95   

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MARIJA GIMBUTAS:Marija Gimbutas Living Goddess
Embodying the Spiritual in the Art of the Future: Goddesses of the Ancient Future

Marija Gimbutas was Professor of European Archeology at UCLA and Curator of Old World Archeology at UCLA Museum of Cultural History. She is author of The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe 6500-3500 B.C.: Myth and Cult Images and Language of the Goddess.

1 DVD #Z106E-07 $35.00   
1 Audio Cassette #A333E-88 $9.00   
1 Video Cassette #V106E-88 $35.00   

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MARIJA GIMBUTAS:Marija Gimbutas Living Goddess
Goddess Archeology Lecture

Marija Gimbutas, Ph.D., a preeminent figure in the archeology and mythology of prehistoric Europe, examines the values, imagery and mythology of the Goddess and traces her continuity as it reappears in contemporary awareness. The Friday night lecture that introduced the weekend of Marija Gimbutas' life work showing archeological findings that substantiate the Goddess Theories about Europe between 6500 B.C. and 2500 B. C..

1 DVD #Z317-07 $34.95   
1 Video Cassette #V317-87 $34.95   
2 Audio Cassettes #A238-87 $20.00   

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The Magical Child's Transcendent Mind

Joseph Chilton Pearce held the attention of the packed audience for two hours of his visit to Waldorf School, San Francisco. His enthusiasm for his material was conveyed more as a transmission then as a lecture. The information that streamed from him during his dance between blackboard and overhead projector was up-to-the minute, angst in time, citing many of the contributors to the Mind@Large Catalog of Sound Photosynthesis: Karl Pribram, Jean Houston, Rupert Sheldrake, Brian Swimme, Jean Liedloff, Robert Monroe, Michael Murphy, to name a few. Pearce's latest book The Biological Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit was minimally mentioned but largely drawn from his first book, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg , is celebrating another printing after remaining in print consistently for the last 30 years. TRT: 120 minutes.

1 DVD #Z577-06 $34.95   
1 Video Cassette #V577-02 $34.95   
2 CDs #D43-02 $29.99   

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TimeWave Zero

A detailed description of Terence's TimeWave concept and a demonstration of the software Terence originated in his early exploratory period of deep study with the I Ching, the ancient oracular Chinese Book of Changes. He proudly takes us on a biographical tour of our culture from his personal library in the early 80’s to what he saw the TimeWave project to 2012. Terence describes the Time Wave as his "only original work". The first part of this piece is the first visual description of Terence’s unique theory. The second chapter of the tape astounds the viewer with the display of the the historical resonances that demostrate how the last 4000 years are compressed into the increasingly speeded up, drawn and sqeezed collective thoughts of the “Gaian matrix”. Terence partnered with Sound Photosynthesis’ media magician Brian Wallace at the editing helm to created the visuals that dance and spiral with Terence’s every sugestion. This densely edited piece is destined to become a top seller. This is one of the most visually informative and insightful 23 minutes of tape you’ll find anywhere.

1 DVD #Z73-06 $29.95   

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This World ...and Its Double

A full day excursion into the questions he explores with unequaled imagination, where is life carrying us? What is the nature of that other world which co-exists with this one? What is the role of shamanic plants in shaping our consciousness? Hear WHAT IS TIME ALL ABOUT--The brief interval we call life: between the Unknown and the Unspoken. TRT 1:36.

1 DVD #Z504-06 $36.99   

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Evolution: Why Can’t We Handle This Issue Sensibly?

Huston Smith is Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Emeritus, Syracuse University. He has also taught at MIT, Washington University and University of California. He points out that during the week, our schools teach that human beings are organisms who have developed increasingly ingenious ways of interacting with their environments. On weekends most churches and synagogues preach that we have immortal souls and are created in the image of God. This borders on cultural schizophrenia. We still haven’t thought this issue through. Hard scientific evidence must be accepted, but religious beliefs deserve a hearing as well. Can we find a middle way that avoids both extremes? TRT 1 hour 25 minutes.

1 DVD #Z530-06 $35.00   

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RAM DASS: Ram Dass
The Gift of Suffering

Suffering presents a conundrum for the human mind: If God is compassionate, where does suffering come from? Ram Dass invites us to look more deeply at the question of human suffering--what it’s about, and how to move beyond it. The video of this spell binding presentation is a testimony to the amazing spirit of Ram Dass.

2 DVDs #Z492-06 $70.00   

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The Taxonomy of Illusion

An Evening with Terence McKenna at UC Santa Cruz hosted by the student organization Millbrook West. Professor Ralph Abraham, the famous chaos theorist mathematician, informed and introduced Terence to the large bright audience. “Taxonomy” defined as classification, especially in relation to its general laws and principles; that department of science or subject, which consists in or relates to classification. Terence amusingly articulates by enumerating examples of the varied forms of illusions by which humans are entertained, intrigued and frightened. This talk is a particularily anecdotal way to approach the study of the imaginal, the illusive and anomalous. Terence McKenna, informs and delights his audiences through many media. As an accomplished author of more than four major works of fiction and non-fiction depending on one’s belief system; voice of at least three hundred audio and video titles; and participant in numberous popular CD’s, Terence is infiltrating the mind at large with his outlandish theories at an alarming pace. This talk is presented in a two audio cassette album, #A1050-93 or in a 120 minute video, #V500-93.

1 DVD #Z500-06 $36.99   

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